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  • Xenia Stanford
    Apr 23, 2006
      To those interested, I submitted a panel proposal for East European Update for Family Roots 2006. This has not been accepted as one of the seminars for Family Roots 2006. However, I have received much support for having this event as a Ukrainian SIG gathering even if not connected to Family Roots 2006.
      Wally Rusel has been organizing transcriptions of the parish registers filmed by the FHL for records in areas where Ukrainians lived. He has new information to share with all of us. Also he is willing to bring his trailer with his books and maps (12 people can fit in the trailer at one time). It was through these documents that I found a distant cousin living in Calgary who had the names and parents of my grandmother and her siblings. He has many such family histories.
      There is a cost associated with this (about $300) should we chose to have him bring his trailer and update us on what records are now available. Also we would need a host family for him to provide room and board for the day(s) he would be here. We could hold this event either on the Thursday evening before Family Roots 2006 or the Sunday after (so we will not conflict with any Friday night or Saturday events). This would mean we could have Wally assist at the Ukrainian SIG table during Family Roots.
      Or we could chose a weekend in September for this event.

      Please email me and let me know if you are interested. I can then divide the cost among those who would like to attend this update. We can also still have some of the proposed panellists available (e.g. Jewish Gen, Mertie Beatty and myself - maybe even Germans from Russia - who have updated information to share. I just transcribed some Polish vital records and found the format and Latin similar enough to translate so that I was able to determine more information than a Polish translator. That is because knowing the history, format and Latin is better than knowing Polish or Ukrainian in extracting the data in the church registers).

      So if interested, please email me and also indicate your preference for:

      a. Thursday before Family Roots 2006

      b. Sunday after Family Roots 2006

      c. A weekend in September

      Also advise if you can provide room and board for Wally for 2-3 days.

      Xenia Stanford (president@...)
      Coordinator Ukrainian SIG, French SIG
      Assistant M├ętis SIG
      Phone: 295-3490; Fax: 274-0564
      Alberta Family Histories Society

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