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  • Phyllis ZIAJKA
    Apr 17, 2006
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      HEAR HEAR.... or should it be HERE HERE.... Whatever.... a Great Big THANK-YOU to Gordon!!!

      Please let me also take this opp. to say HI to all my AFHS friends that I've missed all winter. I'm finally enroute Tucson to Calgary, and at present in SLC (for one more day). A big snow storm here this mordning, but clearing up now... hope thats all, and we don't see any when we get back to Calgary at the end of the week.

      Hope to see all of you at the May Meeting.
      Cheers, Phyllis Ziajka

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      From: LynnTaylor <LTaylor4@...>
      Date: Monday, April 17, 2006 10:50 am
      Subject: Re: Dist gen and website

      > Gordon,
      > Our "Electronic Connections" for AFHS have been so smooth
      > for so long that I'm sure I am not alone in admitting that one
      > tends to take it all for granted and forget the volunteer hours
      > and the special skills that were invested initially . . . and
      > evidently
      > . . . continue to be needed!
      > Not only did you step up to the plate - but you did it while you
      > were juggling many other plates! Wow!
      > Thank you for doing something the majority of us could not
      > possibly do . . . applause, applause !!!
      > Lynn (Taylor)
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