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4557FW: [Fwd: Say Yes to Question 53 on Census Day May 16, 2006]

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  • Gordon Lane
    Apr 16, 2006
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      There is an excellent article in the April 14th edition of the Globe and
      Mail written by historian Professor Bill Waiser. It refers to the question
      being asked of every person in Canada on Census Day whether or not they
      consent to having their responses made public after 92 years (in 2098).
      Note: If anyone declines to answer the question the answer will be recorded
      as a "no".

      The article is well worth reading. The URL is:


      or you can search online for the title of the article "Say 'yes' for
      history's sake."

      Please read it and pass the message on to your friends and relatives.

      Think about following Gordon Watt's suggestion and adding this paragraph to
      all your outgoing e-mails from now until May 16.

      Ensure your place in the history of Canada.  On Census Day 16 May 2006,
      answer YES to allow your information to be made available to your
      descendants in 2098.  Ask everyone you know to do so as well.

      Rene Dussome