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  • Gordon Williams
    Mar 17, 2006
      Please note that your reply will now only go to
      the original sender

      Many thanks to everyone for the helpful suggestions about how not to damage
      old B&W snapshots that have dried and curled to a greater or lesser degree.

      Your expertise is awesome, and I am very grateful!


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      Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 10:50 AM
      Subject: FW: Old Black&White Photos

      | Please note that your reply will now only go to
      | the original sender
      | I am forwarding the comments I sent to Gordon about curling and cracked
      | photographs, in case anyone should decide to follow the advice given
      | earlier. Particularly identification of which layer is damaged and
      | pre-cleaning before any other treatment is carried out.
      | By the way, when the photographs are in a box as recommended below, a
      | humidifer in the room near the box is recommended. I also forgot to warn
      | about the dangers of too much humidity if the photograph(s) are left too
      | long near the high humidity source - e.g. mould - this is another reason
      | cleaning before adding an indirect high humidity source and for not
      | with water or applying water directly to the photographic image or any of
      | its layers. Also to ensure the items are not left in the high humidity
      | source for too long.
      | -----Original Message-----
      | From: Xenia Stanford [mailto:president@...]
      | Sent: March 16, 2006 1:14 PM
      | To: Gordon Williams
      | Subject: RE: Old Black&White Photos
      | Hi Gordon,
      | As a records manager at several major companies in Calgary, I dealt with
      | archival materials including photographs.
      | The cause of cracked and curled photographs probably was not the arid
      | climate but former high humidity and water damage. After photographs and
      | papers dry out from a high humidity situation, they crack and curl. Also
      | there may have been mould inside or on the images causing discoloration
      | distortion of images. Now your task is to do no further damage as well as
      | restore or preserve the image in some way so it can be scanned and
      | preferably once again reproduced on photographic paper.

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