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  • Donna Coulter
    Feb 27, 2006
      Wendy-- Why don't you keep your old PC ---- you wont get anything for it
      on any trade-in. Then you wont have to worry about changing.
      Hubby can have anything he wants copied to the Apple-- by the vendor. Or
      maybe he wants to upgrade his PC.
      Does he do Genealogy too?

      I don't know anything about Apple but those that have them swear by them.
      Me? I don't want to be bothered learning a new system either.

      We know someone that can advise you. --- Don't we Mary (Our Expert!)

      Good Luck
      Donna Coulter

      Fitzpatrick, Wendy wrote:

      >My husband wants to change our home PC to the wonderful world of an
      >Apple/Mac computer - you know the one that accepts the CD at the side of
      >the monitor.
      >I've heard rumours that it may not be the best choice for a lot of
      >genealogy file sharing amongst family members.
      >I currently use the PAF 5 on Win2000, and I don't feel like transferring
      >all this data to another software just so I can use a Mac. He's under
      >the impression that the Mac is virus free because 90% of the globe is
      >using Microsoft and that Windows is also not a stable platform. I just
      >don't want to waste time dealing with other software issues because of
      >the change and how it will affect me doing Family History.
      >Thanks. Any comments would be appreciated.

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