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4459Fw: Orkney Homecoming 2007

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  • mark misunis
    Feb 3, 2006
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      Forwarding this message to the list in case it is of interest to someone!
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      Sent: Friday, February 03, 2006 3:20 PM
      Subject: Orkney Homecoming 2007

      Orkney Homecoming 2007



      In May of 2007 the North American descendants of adventurous Orcadians will congregate in the Orkney Islands to reaffirm old relationships and forge new ones.


      We at The Great Canadian Travel Company are very excited to be working with the Orkney community on Orkney Homecoming 2007.


      The event is focused on reuniting the historic bonds between the Old World and the New. Whether the interest is familial, genealogical, historical or cultural, the Orkney Homecoming offers its participants a taste of the unique qualities of Orkney, both ancient and contemporary.


      The details of our Orkney Homecoming 2007 program are available at www.orkneyhomecoming.com.


      For groups or for those who have special interests, please get in touch with us at orkney@.... We will be happy to address your unique interests in Orkney!


      Best regards,

      Orkney Homecoming 2007

      The Great Canadian Travel Company

      Winnipeg, Canada & Chicago, USA