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4451Newcastle Advice?

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  • Judith Rempel
    Jan 26, 2006
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      For a friend, I'm trying to unearth info from Newcastle on Tyne for families:  Sanderson & Patterson.  Information is incredibly limited - the two individuals (born 1913 and 1911 respectively) left Newcastle apparently in 1930s or 40s for South Africa and severed all ties.  The two died in the last decade, were not buried by family and left no obituaries.  The estate matters are in the hands of lawyers who aren't budging. There is one son, but he's remarkably unable to provide documentation because of many international moves that have resulted in paperwork being lost or discarded.

      Anyway, I'm simply looking for good recommendations for Newcastle resources.  It seems to be situated in a "ceremonial" county of Wear & Tyne and I think the actual county is North Umberland.  Can anyone confirm?

      Familysearch.org, Free bmd, and World GenWeb have not been especially forthcoming. 

      Other ideas?

      Judii Rempel in Gambia