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  • George Lake
    Jan 25 8:50 AM
      Please note that your reply will now only go to
      the original sender

      Hi All:

      I have received the following (abbreviated) from Family Chronicle
      Magazine. Any professional genealogists or serious family historians
      interested should reply directly to Victoria.

      >From: "Victoria (Family Chronicle/History Magazine)" <victoria@...>
      >Subject: Experts Answer II
      >In our November/December 2004 issue of Family Chronicle, we ran an
      >article called the Experts Answer instead of our popular You Wanted
      >To Know column. We are planning to another Experts Answer feature
      >for our May/June 2006 issue where we have professional genealogists
      >and family historians present interesting questions that they have
      >handled and -- of course -- the answers, and we'd like your help.
      >The article, tentatively titled "The Experts Answer II", will
      >feature real questions and answers where you have solved a genealogy
      >problem for someone. We'd like the questions and answers to have a
      >broad appeal.
      >The deadline for this feature is February 21st. The length of the
      >questions and answers can be up to 400 words, and suitable
      >illustrations such as photographs or scanned records are welcome. We
      >would welcome up to three questions and answers from you.
      >The feature will make it very clear that the experts are
      >professionals and charge for conducting research and readers should
      >not use this contact information unless they wish to engage the
      >services of a professional.
      >We feel such a feature will highlight the work of professional
      >researchers and may trigger extra business while at the same time
      >being a very interesting feature for Family Chronicle readers.
      >Please send the questions and answers to me.

      The usual terms for magazine publication apply and may be obtained by
      contacting Victoria directly.

      George Lake, Secretary
      Brian W. Hutchison Genealogy Scholarship Committee
      Calgary Canada

      email: scholarship@...
      AFHS Website: www.afhs.ab.ca/scholarship