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4375use less power?

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  • Mary Arthur
    Dec 10, 2005
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      From TidBits Mailing List:

      I Need Less Power, Scotty! Sometimes less is more. AC Cost Control ($30) is helpful for finding devices that pull power even when 'off.' I then use timed outlets, programmable switches (of course!), and other tricks to turn equipment on only when needed. Smarthome is a good source for such items." We've also seen the Kill A Watt ($40) device and the Watts Up Pro AC Power Meter ($150) advertised for this task, but we don't have any first-hand knowledge for comparison.

      <http://www.smarthome.com/ 9033.html>
      http://www.smarthome.com/ 9034.html>
      http://www.smarthome.com/ 9056.html>

      Mary Arthur
      Director (Computer Sig)
      Alberta Family Histories Society