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4362Problem with Passage Express

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  • Donna Snyder
    Dec 9, 2005
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      Has anyone using Passage Express Standard Edition successfully burned a CD
      of their project? The program is really great as far as entering stuff and
      getting it made. I just can't get it to open when I put the CD in. If I go
      to My Computer, it shows in the Devices with Removable Storage, and if I
      right click, then click on Autoplay it opens there. If I go to open, it
      shows the files, two of them being autoplay, and RunMe. This is fine for
      me, but a hassle for some of our relatives. I have been to the Passage
      Express Support Forum where there was a question about this, but it dealt
      with the Deluxe Edition. A promise of "looking into" so far has had no
      results and Christmas is creeping up. Any help would be appreciated.
      Donna Snyder

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