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4360An Offer from Ellen Kinghorn

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  • Judith Rempel
    Dec 7, 2005

      Ellen Kinghorn writes that she’s acquired a book that a number of AFHSers might be interested in…  Feel free to contact Ellen directly if you want her to do a lookup for you (scar.king@...).





      A lifetime ago, I'd talked about getting a copy of "The Library of Congress Civil War Desk Reference" book.  The folks that were interested were: Jim Ward, Carol Lee, Heather Jaremko, Helen Backhouse, Lorna Laughton, Bob Hauswirth and Eva & Roy Kinnear.  As Helen was interested too, the library may have a copy of it by now.  Anyway, I very recently lucked into a copy of my own and have it on my desk.  There is an index, so I can look things up easily.  If anyone is interested in the AFHS, I'd be glad to do some look ups.