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4349Birney family after 1914 in Calgary

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  • E.Rodier
    Dec 2, 2005
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      Birney researcher is one of my contacts who responded to an offer to help
      find relatives in the 1911 Calgary census. Does anyone on the mailing list
      have connections to these early families?

      Fred Birney, a long-time employee of the Alberta Hotel, died in the summer
      of 1914 leaving a widow called Minnie and six children. His 4 children from
      an earlier marriage to Margaret and Walter (one of Minnie's children) grew
      up with relatives in the Calgary-Midnapore area. There are connections to
      Bannister, McKevitt, Copas families with known burials at Union, Burnsland
      and Midnapore.

      Cemetery office does not have a burial record for Minnie (Mary?) Birney or
      Clarence Birney so she may have remarried if she stayed in the area. There
      are several unconnected Birney names in the Calgary area.

      18 22 Barney [Birney] Fred, 213-1St West July 1875 35 Ontario
      18 23 Minnie Jun 1883 27 Ireland
      18 24 Grace Nov 1900 10 Alberta
      18 25 Gordon Dec 1902 8 Alberta
      18 26 Cecil Dec 1904 6 Alberta
      18 27 Helen Aug? 1906 4 Alberta
      18 28 Walter Nov 1910 7 mo? Alberta
      18 29 Robertson? Mattie?, domestic 1880 30 Scotland