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  • H D Jaremko
    Dec 1, 2005
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      Good evening all,
      I will have the t-shirts on Monday night.  There has been another charge which I did not know of until yesterday.  Times Two had to order our shirts in from B.C., so there is a shipping cost.  I did not know that they had to order the shirts from out of province.  The extra charge amounts to 58 cents each.  The sizes S-XL is now $17.43 and XXXL & XXXXL are now $19.03  I am sorry for the inconvenience. Also there were some people who ordered dark colors and I was told that in order to keep the colors that were ordered, then Darren had to have the imprint on these shirts put on in white.  He was able to do this at no extra cost to us.  He also had to put in two orders for shirts, as there were a couple of other shirts ordered at the last minute, so he is willing to eat the cost of the other shipping costs.  I thanked him very much for doing this for us.
      Thank you,