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  • Mary Tollestrup
    Nov 20, 2005
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      The following is some clarification of the border crossing and passenger
      films located here in Lethbridge.

      The Lethbridge Public Library:
      There are 763 films (620 ships and 143 border entry) that were purchased by
      the Lethbridge AGS from the National Archives of Canada. The Canadian Ships
      Passenger lists cover the following ports: Maritime-Halifax, Saint John and
      North Sydney; Quebec and Montreal; British Columbia - Vancouver and
      Victoria; United States - New York and eastern U.S. ports for the period
      1865-1922. Border Entry Records are the lists of immigrants arriving from
      the U.S. to Canada from April 1908 to December 31, 1935.

      The Lethbridge Family History Center:
      Border Crossing Indexes: (from Canada to US)
      1) Soundex index to Canadian Border Entries through the St. Albans, Vermont,
      district 1895-1924 (400 rolls, FHL films # 1472801-3201)

      You might want to try the following websites also:

      Great Lake Passenger Lists

      Transcripts of Manifests at St. Albans Border Crossings


      Mary's Genealogy Treasures