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4326Elizabeth Jane Bowden

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  • E.Rodier
    Nov 18, 2005
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      Does anyone on the mailing list have a connection to the Bowden family? I
      was unable to locate Eliza Bowden in the 1911 census though she was living
      at the CPR station in 1906. Operated the CPR station restaurant for 38

      One of my online contacts, who seems to be offline this week, is looking for
      Eliza's nephew Allan Soper who may have been living with her in 1911. They
      were not at the 12 Ave address listed for Mrs. Bowden in the 1920 city
      directory. My name index of that sub-district has a lot of ? due to
      handwriting and hard to read pages.

      Visited and photographed Elizabeth Bowden's grave at Union Cemetery
      yesterday. Found her husband's death notice in the 1900 online newspaper
      (different than gravestone date.) Other family names on the gravestone are
      Tillen and Pollard, two girls who died young.

      (on the back)
      All that which pleases is for a moment
      All that which troubles is for a moment
      That only is important which is eternal

      Broken stone (cross) lying on the ground. This is one of the markers in
      Calgary's Historic Union Cemetery, A Walking Guide by Harry M. Sanders