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  • Lois Sparling
    Nov 17, 2005
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      The next meeting of the Celtic SIG is Wed. November 23rd at 7 PM at the
      AFHS library. Our official topic is The Land. This topic includes the
      produce of the land and the people who worked on the land. I may have a
      few things to say about land records but since very few Scots owned
      land, my main presentation will be on how border collies changed rural
      life in Scotland and, more specifically, the lives of shepherds,
      starting towards the end of the 18th century. Nancy Carson also has
      some goodies to distribute (and I don't mean cookies). If anyone has
      questions about how to use the Irish Registry of Deeds and/or the
      Scottish Services of Heirs and Sasines, there will likely be people in
      attendance who have used those resources. Since we all have farmers or
      farm labourers in our ancestry, this should be a topic for everyone.
      And if anyone feels the urge to bring us cookies, we would all be grateful.

      Lois Sparling


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