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  • Xenia Stanford
    Nov 7, 2005
      Hi all,
      I will be unable to attend the meeting tonight. However, since Christmas is on the horizon and you may wish to obtain items from us for your gift recipients or even yourself, I am letting you know how you can find out without actually being able to see what we have. If you are not interested, simply delete or ignore this message.
      For those who would like to obtain a list of products we have on hand suitable for Christmas gift giving or which you might like to obtain for yourself, please email me and I will send you a pdf list of the books and other products we have. This includes embroidered bibs (we have a new stock of the Angel on the Family Tree in pink and blue that were so popular before), embroidered tote bags and scrapbooking/novelty items. We also offer gift certificates, which your gift recipient can use to choose items from us. We will arrange for delivery or pick-up in time for Christmas.
      Also please note for those interested in the course "Genealogy on the Internet" (now no longer restricted to seniors) at the University of Calgary, the next date will be November 25th from 9 a.m. to noon. Be sure to have taken the Genealogy Course offered by AFHS (e.g. the one offered through U of C) or equivalent. I found in the past many do not know the basics of genealogy and this hampers the understanding of the reliability or validity of what you find on the Internet. Although this is covered in brief in the course, if you do not know basic genealogy research techniques, you will not gain the best value from this course. Also computer basics would be most helpful as the intention is not to teach you computer or genealogy basics, it is to show you how to find sources of documentation and leads online. Go to https://dciwasp.admin.ucalgary.ca/webapp/ce_course/?treekey=020F20H35 and look for 064182 - Genealogy - Internet (General).
      I have been asked by many to run an advanced course and this will be offered in March 2006. It will be offered partially face-to-face and partially online through "Blackboard".
      Finally, for any interested in a watercolour technique workshop (suitable for using in enhancing scrapbook pages) or a Christmas cards, tags, gifts and scrapbook pages workshop, email me or call 295-3490.

      à bientôt,

      Xenia Stanford (president@knowmap.com)
      A.G.E. Ancestree Genealogical Enterprises
      Local genealogy book sales, professional research & writing: http://www.knowmap.com/age/
      Column: "Nos Racines Francaise" http://globalgenealogy.com/globalgazette
      Scrapbooking & preservation techniques
      Phone: (403) 295-3490; Fax: (403) 274-0564