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  • Judith Rempel
    Nov 2, 2005

      I like this one (keywords in Google are “currency converter”): http://www.xe.com/ucc/


      However, what you are talking about is NOT a conversion from one currency to another.  You are talking about an equivalent, accounting for inflation.  That requires some math, and the knowledge of the price index or the inflation values for the years in the time frame.  In this case, I doubt that such a price index/inflation rates are available for Canada back to 1894.  For recent decades, I have access to such data.


      So, a proxy would be to think about some product that was available then and now – and compare their worths then and now.  For example, a pound of butter – if you could find value from long ago.  Even that doesn’t work very well, because over time, some items are more or less popular and available, which also affects their market value.  Safer, I think, is to determine the cost of an hour’s wages then and now (for the same kind of work) – and that gives you a decent comparison.


      At any rate, you’ll need access, likely, to an 1894 newspaper for some typical costs.  See:






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      Hi everyone,

      I need help in finding a website that will give a conversion for money. Seems to me that I have tried all the ways I can think of to ask the question on goggle. I want to know how much $1.00 Canadian, in 1894 would be worth in 2005. Any and all suggestions would be welcome.


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