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4268FW: Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER Vol. 2, #6 - 19 October 2005

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    Oct 19, 2005
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      Subject: Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER Vol. 2, #6 - 19 October 2005

      Archive CD Books Canada NEWSLETTER V2#6 - 19 October 2005

      1 WELCOME
      Census of England and Wales ( 2 )
      British Books ( 4 )
      Irish Books ( 15 )
      6 NEWS & GOSSIP

      1 WELCOME:
      Welcome to the Archive CD Books Canada newsletter. Fall has finally arrived
      so I expect you are all dusting off those genealogy projects that were put
      aside last spring.

      This newsletter will be published whenever we have enough information to
      make it worth your while reading, but we expect that will mean there will be
      about one a month.

      Remember this Newsletter is published for you so if you think we're missing
      something important drop me a line to Malcolm@....

      Newsletters work best when they get a good circulation. We're doing our
      best to let people know about it but you could help us along by mentioning
      it to your genealogy buddies and generally spreading the word. Give them
      the URL
      and they can sign-up directly.

      You can also use this same address to manage your subscription and to access
      the archives.
      The two most recent editions of this newsletter are now in the archive.
      While working on the archiving site I noticed that I had not been informed
      of at least two people who had subscribed to this newsletter so they were
      not been receiving it. My apologies for the omission and
      - as you see - you are now getting the newsletter directly.

      A total of 24 new title releases in this newsletter.
      New releases from Archive CD Books Canada.
      New British Census releases
      New British Books on CD
      New Irish Books on CD
      News, Gossip, and more.

      To find a book on our web site http://www.archivecdbooks.ca take a note of
      the catalogue number - or use the "copy" function - go to the web site,
      click on the "Search Page" link and enter, or "paste," the number into the
      "Product Number" box. Hit "Search" and then "More" and you will be in a
      position to reread the description or to place your order.
      There is frequently more information about the books available on the web
      site. All prices in $Cdn.

      We frequently shorten a book's description for this newsletter. Check our
      website catalogue for the full description.

      * Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa and the Humors of the Valley - South
      Hull and Aylmer edition
      CA0189: $28.00
      A companion piece to his previous book, The Hub and the Spokes (CA0001),
      this is another of the light hearted information books written by American
      author Anson Gard. Maintaining his "Mark Twainish"
      humorous style he continues to describe the semi-fictitious adventures of
      him and his companion, under the aliases of "Rube" and "The Colonel," but
      this time in the setting of the northern bank of the great Ottawa river in
      the adjacent cities of South Hull and Aylmer, including their surroundings.
      In this book Anson Gard is less concerned with the (then) current state of
      the cities but concentrates his attentions on the origins and development of
      the area with particular concern being paid to identifying and describing
      the pioneers and their families.
      Although published as a single volume there are actually four complete and
      separate parts to this book, outside the Introduction and Appendix sections.
      Part 1 describes the topographical and social development of South Hull
      while Part 2 provides a similar description for Aylmer and includes a
      commercial directory for 1851. Part 3 is entitled "The Humors of the
      Valley" and is a romp through a miscellany of amusing and interesting tales,
      mostly concerning the Ottawa Valley although Anson also throws in a few
      stories from other valleys he and The Colonel have visited.
      Part 4 is perhaps the most valuable to the genealogist in that it provides
      biographical notes (and a few stories) about as many of the pioneer families
      of South Hull and Aylmer as he could lay muster to.
      Altogether this book comprises of 332 numbered pages and an additional 30
      unnumbered illustration pages. It has been scanned to make it fully text
      searchable using the Search or Find functions of the common PDF interpreter
      applications such as Adobe Reader. We have provided a free downloadable
      sampler of the book on our Downloads web page.
      We are indebted to the Historical Society of Ottawa for kindly loaning us
      this book, so we could reproduce it for you on CD. Please join with us to
      thank them for their public spirited generosity in allowing us to make this
      valuable book more accessible. Another successful Archive CD Books Canada
      cooperative project. Also thanks to the Bytown museum who house and
      maintain the Society's book collection.

      * Anson Gard's "Ottawa Valley" - The Hub and the Spokes & the Pioneers of
      the Upper Ottawa on one CD
      CA0196: $35.00
      This is a compilation CD containing the whole of two popular books by
      American Author Anson Gard, "The Hub and the Spokes," CA0001 and "Pioneers
      of the Upper Ottawa," CA0189. Published in 1904 and 1906 respectively these
      two books provide a fund of historical and genealogical information about
      the Ottawa / Hull area including a lot of the surrounding area "up" the
      river Ottawa's valley.
      . Each of the two books on this CD are described in greater detail in
      our catalogue under their individual titles. The whole CD is fully
      text searchable using the Search or Find functions of the common PDF
      interpreter applications such as Adobe Reader (compatible with V4 or above,
      V6 or higher recommended.) We have provided free downloadable samplers of
      each of the two individual books on our Downloads web page.
      This CD contains complete copies of both books.
      We are indebted to the Historical Society of Ottawa for kindly loaning us
      the Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa, so we could reproduce it for you on CD.
      Please join with us to thank them for their public spirited generosity in
      allowing us to make this valuable book more accessible. Another successful
      Archive CD Books Canada cooperative project. Also thanks to the Bytown
      museum who house and maintain the Society's book collection.

      * Ottawa City Directory 1861-2
      CA0191: $19.00: Publication special: $13.00 Here is an early directory of
      Ottawa / Bytown published by Boyd & McDonald. It advertises itself to
      contain, "..the names and residence of the Citizens; also, a subscribers
      Business Directory, classified according to trade." Examination seems to
      indicate that it also contains the names and addresses of business who were
      not "subscribers." As usual, however, the listing contains primarily the
      male population who have attained the "age of majority" and the widows.
      Listings for widows frequently show the deceased husbands given name.
      There are a few "spinsters" identified, and female names are given for
      businesses whose owners were female. There are a few "Mrs."
      designations but nowhere near enough to account for the wives of all the men
      mentioned so we conclude these were married ladies living on their own.
      The directory's listings identify Boarders as well as Householders and
      Business Proprietors. The majority of the entries also indicate the
      individuals trade or profession, including those identified as "Labourer."
      This directory has been scanned to make it text searchable using the Search
      or Find functions of the common PDF interpreter applications such as Adobe
      Reader (compatible with V4 or above, V6 or higher
      recommended.) We have provided a free downloadable sampler of the book on
      our Downloads web page.
      We are indebted to the Historical Society of Ottawa for kindly loaning us
      this early directory so we could reproduce it for you on CD. Please join
      with us to thank them for their public spirited generosity in allowing us to
      make this valuable book more accessible. Another successful Archive CD
      Books Canada cooperative project. Also thanks to the Bytown museum, who
      house and maintain the Society's book collection, for their cooperation.

      4 COMING SOON:

      Well the Picturesque Canada 2 volume book has turned out to be a lot of
      work! Because of the beauty of this book we have decided to go the extra
      mile on it's production but because - so far - this involves hand processing
      every page it's going to take a while to get it finished.
      The good news is that you will have noticed the new releases of books loaned
      to us by the Ottawa Historical Society. Well there are three more to come.
      Ottawa and Kingston City Directory for 1875; Including all the towns and
      large villages in between.
      Report of the Ottawa and Hull Fire Relief Fund: History of the "Great Fire"
      in 1899 and including the names of the funds committee members and those who
      made donations.
      Canadian Dominion Directory - 1871: Note the date! This is one of the
      thickest books I have ever seen clocking in at just under 6 inches!

      (All prices in $Cdn.)


      * Rutland 1841 Census
      C1841RUT $27.80
      HO107/894 to HO107/898
      [See on-line catalogue for a full listing of included places.]

      * Wiltshire 1861 Census Supplement 1
      C1861WIL-S1: $21.90
      Places in Wiltshire that appear in the Gloucestershire Registration
      Districts. These census pieces will not appear on the Wiltshire 1861 CD set
      . All of these pieces do appear on the Gloucestershire 1861 Registration
      Districts set (C1861GLS). RG9/1780, RG9/1783, RG9/1785 Whole census peices
      are included, and therefore the places included are those on both side of
      the county boundary. Places include: Marston Maisey, Oakley, Poole Keynes,
      Shorncote, Somerford Keynes, and adjacent places in Gloucestershire.


      * Rob Rat - A Story of Barge Life
      GB1260: $18.70
      A delightful book that relates the every-day story of barge life in the mid
      1800s. If you have ancestors who were canal men, then this book will give
      you a really fascinating insight into their lives at the time. llustrated

      * Mortimer & Harwood Directory of Birkenhead 1843
      * GB1282: $22.40
      A great little directory for Birkenhead, includes a street directory and
      alphabetical listing of residents and their trades. Interesting also are
      the adverts, did your ancestors own a business and advertise here?

      * Local Records - Northumberland, Durham
      GB1361: $33.20
      The full title of the book is: "Local Records or Historical Register of
      Remarkable Events which have occurred in Northumberland and Durham,
      Newcastle upon Tyne and Berwick upon Tweed from the Earliest Period to the
      Present Time; With Biographical Notices of Deceased Persons of Talent,
      Eccentricity and Longevity"
      Compiled by John Sykes, this is the full set of four volumes published
      between 1866 and 1875, and covers the period from the earliest records to
      1875. Accidents and crimes, floods, fires and all manner of fascinating
      historical events are recorded, along with many biographical pieces about
      local folk.

      * The Clergy List 1897
      GB1371: $35.30
      Incorporating the Clerical Guide and Ecclesiastical Directory.
      Published by Kelly & Co. Containing the Complete Lists of the Clergy in
      England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the Colonies. Including Army,
      Navy, Prison, Union, and Foreign Chaplains, etc. An alphabetical
      list of benefices, with the dedication of the churches (church names).
      An invaluable resource, not only for family historians searching their
      clergy ancestors, but also for all of the general information relating
      to churches. Clergymen are often quite difficult to trace, as they
      moved around so much, but this book solves all of those problems, as there
      is not only a short biography of each person, but also a list of
      all churches and places where they served. Fully searchable.


      * Samuel Lewis, Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 3 vols (1st Edition,
      IE0001: $66.00
      Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of Ireland is the first detailed study of
      its kind for Ireland. It was published in 1837, before the Famine
      (1845-50), so it is very important for historians and genealogists of
      the early nineteenth century. Lewis gives details about every
      parish, town and village in Ireland, including numbers of inhabitants, the
      economy, history, topography, religion and parish structures, administration
      and courts, schools, and much more. He also gives the names of the principal
      inhabitants (generally landlords, merchants and professionals).
      This Dictionary is in four parts: Preface & Subscribers , Volume 1:
      A-G , Volume 2: H-Z , Volume 3: Maps . The Maps are in full
      colour, making this source one of the most important for research on

      * Pettigrew & Oulton, Dublin Almanac & General Register of Ireland
      IE0002: $35.60
      This publication contains two major components. The first half of the book
      is a general register of all officials and administrative offices in
      Ireland, including fairs, the postal service, the legal establishment,
      peerage and precedence, the church, banks, colleges, railways, and listings
      of all official for every county and town in Ireland. This section continues
      with essential information about the British Empire.
      The second section of the book is a comprehensive Dublin Directory,
      including an alphabetical directory (every street, house number, and
      householder's name, with occupation), a street directory, a trades
      directory, and a directory of all public institutions and religions in the
      The book finishes with the annals of Dublin City from earliest times.

      * Henry D. Inglis, A Journey Throughout Ireland, During the Spring Summer &
      Autumn of 1834 (4th ed., 1836)
      IE0003: $26.30
      This book was considered to be one of the most important early nineteenth
      century commentaries on Ireland. Inglis was a Scottish travel writer and
      social commentator who published many books concerning various countries
      worldwide. This was his last title, as he died the following year.
      He visited the majority of counties in Ireland, and provides a wealth of
      information on the social conditions he observed in each location.
      Even though he travelled in a non-Famine year, the depth of poverty he
      witnessed was acute. For social historians and genealogists his work is
      especially useful, providing a eye-witness account of the real life
      conditions experienced by the general population of Ireland at that time. He
      also has a lot to say about the consequences of Catholic
      emancipation, and religion in general. His book is essential
      reading for anyone trying to understand Ireland in the 1830s.

      * The Treble Almanac 1812
      IE0006: $34.40
      The Treble Almanacs are three books in one:
      John Watson Stewart's Almanac for the year, principally Irish information.
      Everything that there is to know about Ireland in 1812, from schools to army
      lists, mail and stage coaches, farming, Sunday schools, and so on.
      The English Court Registry, which includes all of the major people from the
      King, to Members of Parliament, Lords, Officers in the Navy and Army, etc.
      Wilson's Dublin Directory, which contains a complete list of streets, lanes,
      alleys, etc. and a very comprehensive list of merchants and traders.
      The publication was continued each year until the early nineteenth century.
      Due to print formats this book is not searchable.

      * Slater's Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1846, Compendium of all
      IET0010: $79.20
      This superb book includes a full commercial directory for the entire
      country. Organised by Province, and then town, it lists all the principal
      office holders, gentry, professionals, trades, hotels, schools, public
      institutions, churches, and even pubs for each town in Ireland. Slater took
      over Pigot's important publication of commercial directories of Ireland, and
      this was the first instalment. It has almost twice as much detail as its
      predecessor (published in 1824), and is now an extremely rare item.
      The book is organised into four sections, by province, with additional
      details for the four main cities: Leinster & Dublin ; Connaught;
      Munster, Cork & Limerick ; Ulster & Belfast These provincial sections can
      be purchased seperately, to reduce the cost to you as follow:

      * Slater's Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1846, Leinster & Dublin Sections
      IET0006: $26.30

      * Slater's Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1846, Connaught Section
      IET0007: $26.30

      * Slater's Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1846, Munster, Cork &
      Limerick Sections
      IET0008: $26.30

      * Slater's Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1846, Ulster & Belfast Sections
      IET0009: $26.30

      * James Alexander Henderson, The Belfast and Province of Ulster
      Directory (3rd ed., 1856)
      IET0011: $39.50
      This book is an excellent commercial directory for the Province of Ulster.
      It is the third edition in a series published in various years between 1852
      and 1900. The book contains a wealth of information about Belfast, and every
      county and town in Ulster. It includes a full street directory of Belfast
      and Ballymacarrett, an alphabetical list of inhabitants and a trades
      directory for Belfast, a detailed breakdown of public & private institutions
      and societies in Belfast and Ulster, a full list of all administrative
      offices and military positions for every county throughout the province, as
      well as an introduction to all nine counties, and a detailed trades
      directory for every town and
      village throughout Ulster. There is also a large number of
      illustrated advertisements included.

      * Henry & Coughlan's General Directory of Cork & Munster, 1867
      IET0012: $39.50
      This book really contains two publications. The first is the general
      directory for Cork city. This important publication includes an alphabetical
      directory, street directory and trades and professions directory for the
      city, as well as full lists of administrative offices, and public and
      private institutions. This is followed by Wynne's Directory of the province
      of Munster, which covers every county. Each county section starts with a
      list of administrative and judicial officers, after which there is a full
      trade directory for each
      town. This extremely rare book also includes some illustrations of
      Cork as well as a vast number of illustrated advertisements.

      * Sir Arthur Vicars, Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland, 1536-1810
      IET0013: $39.50
      This important book is well known to Irish genealogists. It contains an
      index to over 40,000 Irish wills, most of which were destroyed in the
      1922 explosion at the Public Record Office in Dublin. As a consequence this
      book is especially important as the only surviving evidence of what did
      exist at one time. This index gives the name of every person who left a
      will, their address, rank or occupation and the date of probate. Vicars'
      based his work on the abstracts to the original wills compiled by Sir
      William Betham, and is the only index to his voluminous collections of
      abstracts and extracts in existence.
      This edition is doubly important because we have included the
      never-before-published supplement compiled in 1914 to correct errors and
      omissions in Vicars' work.

      * Sligo Independent newspaper, County Directory, Almanac and Guide
      IET0014: $26.30
      This is an incredibly rare book, and one of the only county directories to
      ever be published for the west of Ireland. It contains a full list of county
      officials, magistrates of the county and borough of Sligo, public and
      private institutions, trades directory, general directory of the borough,
      and a directory of the principal towns throughout the county, as well as a
      lot of other useful information, such as a calendar of fairs, tides, postal
      services, etc.
      There is a full street and business directory for Sligo borough, following
      which there are details for each town, including churches, schools, police,
      banks, schools, and a full trades directory. This booklet was distributed
      free to subscribers of the Sligo Independent newspaper, and is lavishly
      filled with illustrated advertisements. As a consequence we have published
      this title in full colour.

      * Shearman's Directory of Waterford, Kilkenny & the southeast 1839
      IET0015: $39.50
      This is an incredibly rare book, and one of the earliest local directories
      published in Ireland. It contains a full list of city and borough officials
      for the places covered, as well as covering education, religion, public and
      private institutions, trades directory, alphabetical directory, as well as a
      lot of other useful information, such as a calendar of fairs, tides, postal
      services, etc.
      The places covered are: Waterford, Kilkenny, Clonmel, Carrick-on-Suir, New
      Ross, Carlow and Tramore (which was added after the title page had been

      * A Complete Catholic Registry, Directory, and Almanack, Vol. 1, 1836
      IET0016: $26.30
      This is the first volume of this series, which continued annual publication
      for much of the nineteenth century. This volume contains a complete registry
      of all Church officials, and the hierarchy throughout the world. However for
      Irish research, arguably the most important section is the Ecclesiastical
      Register of Ireland. This is a diocese by diocese tour of the country,
      detailing what parishes were operational, and who were the priests and
      curates for each parish. This is especially important for genealogical
      researchers trying to determine what parish registers may survive. The
      volume contains an account of the state of Catholicism in Ireland, which is
      an important official overview at a time of great change, and a general
      calendar or Almanack giving details of the official religious observance for
      the year.

      6 NEWS & GOSSIP:

      If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or
      something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish
      your question in this newsletter to tap into the enormous fund of knowledge
      which I know is out there.

      One of our newsletter readers surprised us with a request that we publish
      the images of the Canadian census on CD. "Surprised us"
      because we had long ago concluded that, because many these images freely
      available on line (courtesy of the Government of Canada, etc.) there would
      be nobody wanting the same thing on CD. Not that we wouldn't love to put
      these images on CD if we thought people would want to buy them (and if the
      Government will let us) but we already know they will be expensive to
      produce so we would have to sell a lot of each CD to make it work.

      If you would want to own a copy of a part of the census images (i.e., the
      part you are interested in) would you mind dropping me a line to tell me so
      including the Province/Territory/Area and year(s) you would be interested
      in. E-mail to Malcolm@...

      I can't guarantee what the prices for the CDs, or sets of CDs, might be at
      this stage - obviously - but take the cost of our Census of England and
      Wales CDs - and the sets - as a guide.

      There will be no obligation if you answer - this is just a survey.
      Please be honest and realistic though.
      Thank you.

      Gordon Watts, the well know Canadian genealogy writer recently passed on
      information released by Collections Canada on how to understand the number
      codes in Column 18 of the 1911 census images. These codes classified the
      occupation of the individual according to a set of lists one of which was
      about 350 entries long. It struck me that it was going to to be pretty
      tedious to do these lookups more than a couple of times so I made a
      "Code-Breaker" tool and have made it available for you to download from our
      Downloads page. (Its at the bottom of the page with the blank census
      forms.) It does require that you have a copy of MS Excel '95 or better on
      your computer but it doesn't need to make any further access to the internet
      to work.
      You can download your copy from:
      http://www.archivecdbooks.ca/downloads.html Go to the bottom of the page.

      From Cynthia in Massachusetts the day after we published the Code-Breaker;
      "A GREAT BIG THANK YOU from me!!!!!!! "

      * SPECIALS:
      We are still giving away a copy of "Manners and Rules of Good Society,"
      CA0009 regularly: $19.00, absolutely free to all new customers. This book
      holds the key to the social code of 100 + years ago. A great help in
      understanding the attitudes and actions of our ancestors.
      Tell your friends.

      * 2005 BIFHSGO FALL CONFERENCE - September 23 etc.
      We had a great time at the British Isles Family History Society of Greater
      Ottawa (BIFHSGO) 2005 Fall Conference. We were glad to renew old
      aquaintances and to meet new friends. You can see a picture of our stand at
      While you're on that site pay a visit to the Canada Genealogy forum and see
      what discussions are going on. You never know what you may find!


      * The Brant County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society will be
      holding their annual Fall workshop from 9:30 to 3:00, Saturday
      October 29, 2005, at Smokey Hollow Estates 114 Powerline Rd. Brantford ON
      N3T 5L8 The Workshop this year is "Rebels and Records" with Heather
      Ibbotson, Speaker and Journlist speaking about "Canadians in the American
      Civil War" in the morning. Then in the afternoon it will be Fraser Dunford,
      Speaker and Author of "Municipal Records in Ontario: History and Guide"
      The cost of the workshop is $20.00 including lunch if registered before
      October 25th. If registered after that date the cost is $20.00 and lunch is
      extra $4.00.
      To Register use above adress or contact Helen Doctor @ 519-753-8581 or email

      * Genealogy Programs at the Maple Ridge Library (BC) This fall the Library
      is offering 3 free programs on this topic:
      First Steps on the Ancestral Trail on Wednesday, Sept 28 (speaker Brenda
      Smith) Organize - The Second Prime Directive on Wednesday, Nov 2 (speaker
      Brenda Smith) Finding Your Ancestors in England on Wednesday, Nov 30
      (speaker Chris Longley).
      All presentations are from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. For more information or to
      reserve a seat please call the Main Floor Information desk at
      604-467-7417. There are brochures at the Library listing all the
      interesting programs we are offering this fall.

      The Orillia Museum of Art and History presents:
      The Underground Railroad and Ontario Black History Colloquium Did you know
      that one of Canada's first major experiences protecting people under
      political asylum happened immediately before and during the American
      Revolution? Canada was even then thought of as a land of cultural and
      racial acceptance as 40,000 black people escaped from the U.S. to find
      harbour in the Promised Land of Canada.
      Join the Orillia Museum of Art and History's Underground Railroad and Black
      History Colloquium on Saturday, November 5, 2005 from 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
      in the Simcoe Room of the Highwayman Inn. We will explore history and recent
      archaeological and genealogical discoveries that throw light on individual
      stories of heroism, escape and settlement in Canada.
      The colloquium features speakers including Rosemary Sadlier, President of
      the Ontario Black History Society and Dr. Karolyn Smardz Frost, an historian
      and archaeologist who specializes in the Underground Railroad. The day will
      conclude with a tour of the Welland Historical Museum's Passages to Freedom:
      Secrets of the Underground Railroad exhibition at OMAH.
      Tickets are $20 for members, $25 for non-members and $17 for students and
      are available at the Orillia Museum of Art and History, Spotlight and
      Manticore Books in Orillia. Cost includes a catered lunch and museum
      admission. Speakers will have publications available for purchase. For
      more information or for tickets, please call 705-326-2159. Spaces are


      Archives of this newsletter showing all the previous release announcements
      are available in the newsletter archive which can be reached through,
      All our newly released books are listed on our web site in the New Releases
      and Special Offers page. Go to:
      <http://www.archivecdbooks.ca/new.html> for an instant update on our new

      Archive CD Books Canada Inc.
      Attn.: Malcolm Moody - President
      P.O. Box 11,
      Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1A2, Canada.
      (613) 692-2667
      e-mail: Malcolm@...
      Canadian web site: http://www.archivecdbooks.ca


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