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4257Thank you (was: Calgary, Alberta Adoption 1943)

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  • Peter
    Oct 15 9:15 AM
      It's been awhile since i posted here, but now I have a question
      that I can't find the answer for.  Hope someone can help me.
      What can a person born and adopted as a baby in 1943 in Calgary
      do to find his biological parents?
      He is still alive so I don't want to post personal information in this
      Appreciate any and all advice.
      thank you,   Groetjes  Peter

      Thanks to all who replied to my question.
      Susan, Gord , Robert , Carol , Bill and Beverley thanks for your help .

      I have copied and pasted all your answers together , and will give it to
      the man's daughter.  She will be able to take it from there.

      Appreciate you're quick and detailed response.


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