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4253FW: Materi book

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  • Mabel
    Oct 12, 2005
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      Mabel Kiessling
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      Subject: Re: Materi book

      Hello everyone,
      I am trying to get he last info possible from Materi cousins for a
      publication of a Materi.Book.

      It will go back to the first Materis in Alsace. and follow them to Russia
      and then to Canada and the U.S.A.
      If any of your folks are from this family pictures and stories will be
      accepted until Nov. 30, 2005.
      If family members want to check for their family they can see the Materis on
      WEB PAGE : http://members.shaw.ca/sylpen

      I am hoping to have this book available to family members in time for

      Sylvianne Forsythe-Penner
      Calgary, Alberta.
      Phone number ( 404) 282-7943

      Email address; sylpen@...