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4250Presentation to the Alberta Family Histories Society 18 October, 2005 Marie-Louise Perron

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  • Gordon Lane
    Oct 5, 2005
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      An overview of the presentation being made by Marie-Louise

      New Directions for the Canadian Genealogy Centre: from the Virtual to the

      The Canadian Genealogy Centre (CGC) is a program of Library and Archives
      Canada, the institution born of the transformation of the former National
      Library of Canada and National Archives of Canada. The vision of the CGC is
      to promote the discovery of our roots and family history as key elements of
      Canadian heritage, and to promote genealogy, archives and library resources
      as tools for life-long learning.

      Launched as an electronic entity in 2003, the CGC will also, by late Fall
      2005, become a physical entity at 395 Wellington Street as reference and
      genealogy services, and the consultation of both library and archival
      documents are streamlined in new public spaces.

      This presentation is designed to:
      * Provide information on the transformation process underway related
      to services offered by LAC;
      * Share details on changes to reference and consultation spaces soon
      to be made at 395 Wellington Street (and creation of the “physical” CGC);
      * Share information on changes to the LAC and CGC web sites;
      * Engage with participants in a dialogue to learn about each others
      needs/efforts with respect to genealogical and family history research, and
      the diversity of Canada’s heritage.

      Contact Information :

      Marie-Louise Perron
      Canadian Genealogy Centre
      Reference and Genealogy Division
      Library and Archives Canada
      395 Wellington Street
      Ottawa, ON
      K1A 0N4
      Tel.: (613) 996-8512
      Fax: (613) 995-6274
      Email: Marie-Louise.Perron@...

      Biographical Notes:

      Marie-Louise Perron was born in Saskatchewan and holds Education and Honours
      Fine Arts degrees from the University of Saskatchewan, as well as a Maîtrise
      ès arts in Ethnology from Laval University. She has worked in the archival
      field since 1985, in particular on the development of onsite and distant
      access to archival products, resources, and services for French-language
      minority groups and Aboriginal peoples.
      Marie-Louise Perron is currently on staff at Library and Archives Canada as
      a member of the Canadian Genealogy Centre Team.


      Gordon Lane
      Alberta Family Histories Society
      712-16th Ave NW,
      Calgary, AB, T2W 0J8