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  • Xenia Stanford
    Sep 5 2:26 PM
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      Hi Phyllis - the name Moose Mountain is a popular one in North America but the only one I can find in Alberta is in Kanaskis but you can see the mountain from Bragg Creek. There was a dance hall built but no builder or developer is name. See
      There is also a Moose Mountain Provincial Park near Kenosee, SK that had a dance hall built in 1909 but credit is given to R.B. Clarke for building this one.
      John Cross was married to Elizabeth Wotherspoon. Don't know if she is related to your James but Cross and Elizabeth were from Scotland.
      The following individuals are found in the local history books (titles of the book follow the person's name)
      WOTHERSPOON, Jack ; 170,171; Vermilion Memories; Vermilion River
      WOTHERSPOON, Jake; Bowtell Tails; Vermilion River
      WOTHERSPOON, James; A History of Olds; Mountainview
      WOTHERSPOON, James; Olds, A History of Olds & Area; Mountain View
      WOTHERSPOON, Mary ; 32; Vermilion Memories; Vermilion River
      Looking at Kevisville though it is in the Red Deer County as is Moose Mountain District (as far as I know there is no mountain in Moose Mountain District). Since these are near Olds, I would think the following would be of interest to you:
      WOTHERSPOON, James in: A History of Olds; Mountainview
      WOTHERSPOON, James in: Olds, A History of Olds & Area; Mountain View
      Also Bowden is near Olds on the way to Red Deer. Since I come from west central rural Alberta I pass all these places on my way "home" and back from Calgary. Also growing up in rural Alberta, I know well the dance hall tradition. Every district had one at one time. Every Saturday night there was a dance somewhere! Everyone went from babies to old people. A local band played (my family had a band - the Midnight Ramblers: they even made a record! - and played at many of the dances) and everyone danced everything from waltzes, polkas, square dances, line dances, and so on.
      You may be able to figure out where Kevisville (near Innisfail) would be on the map at the url below with the following land description:
      Kevisville 25-35-4-w5ClearwaterLocality
      Garrington Bridge is between Bowden and Sundre (west of Kevisville) so the story that the hall was moved via that connection is quite likely. Most of these buildings had little to no foundations so were fairly easily moved on skids pulled by truck or tractor. You hated to get behind one of these on a narrow country road!
      Sorry, I don't know exactly where Hub Ranch is but it must be in that vicinity. So best bet would be to find the books above that mention James Wotherspoon. U of C has digitized and made some of the local history books available online. The index of the Ws for the Olds book is at
      Good Luck!
      à bientôt,

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      Hi Lists...
      Is there anyone on the list who lives near (or knows much about) a place called Moose Mountain which is supposedly NW of Boden. also a place called "Kevisville" and "The Hub" Ranch. 
      I have just had an email from a distant cousin in Scotland about this.... apparently the Dance Hall there (I think at Moose Moutain) was built by one of her ancestors (or ancestral relatives).   This is something she has just found out.  The fellow who built this Hall was a James Wotherspoon (related to my Scottish 4th-cousin, but not to me), however if I could find out anything more about him or either of the above places, I'd love to pass this info along to her in Scotland.  Apparently the Hall was later moved to Kevisville, via the Garrington Bridge.
      If anyone can give me any further information about any of the above I'd really appreciate hearing from you.  Unfortunately I'm leaving on holiday tomorrow, so would very much appreciate any info ASAP.....
      Thanks in advance,
      Phyllis Ziajka 
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