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  • Robert Boynton
    Aug 25 10:15 AM
      For your interest
      Automated Genealogy is also transcribing the 1901, 1906 and 1911 Census.
      Their method of transcribing the 1911 Census is quite fantastic as they have every section, with the enclosed pages, connected to their web page and so you cn do the whole transcribing online.
      So when you wish to transcribe, you bring up the page that you want to do online  with the same features as on the National Archives WEbpage( Mr. Sid), so you can enlarge it and move it etc.
      Below the page to be transcribed is a page for the indexing.  Many of the entries to be transcribed are already typed out in  drop down menus, and so you do not have to do a lot of typing except for the names and dates.
      For instance, Column 6  in its drop down menu has
      and many more,
      so you just click on the correct entry
      click on 1911
      Click on the Province you are interested in
      Click on the district you are interested in
      Click on the Subdistrict you are interested n
      Click on the page you are interested in transcribing and you will see the page and the drop down menuefor transcribing.
      It is a good setup as you have the page you want to transcribe and the menu for transcribing right in front of you.
      See if this connection works
      If you actually want to transcribe , you have to register first and this looks very easy to do.
      Its a remarkably easy sytem to use for for a newbe.
      The manner in which the Automated Genealogy indexes work is clean and simple and can be organized by last names by Province and then alphabeticized.
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