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4163FTM 2006 upgrades from Global

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  • E.Rodier
    Aug 8, 2005
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      Good news for FTM customers in Canada. Upgrades will be available from
      globalgenealogy.com in Ontario as well as from USA web sites after the
      middle of August. Charting Companion (usually US $24.95 on CD) for FTM will
      be included in the upgrade price.

      One of the unadvertised features of FTM 2006 found in the online Knowledge
      Base is a longer note field for individuals and marriages. As usual, FTM
      customers in the Calgary area can contact me by e-mail if they cannot find
      answers in program Help or online Knowledge Base. There is a link on the web
      site to send enhancement suggestions to staff if you have suggestions for
      future versions.

      Last year, there were many misleading comments about FTM 2005 posted on the
      Internet about "new" features available years ago because some reviewers did
      not know much about the previous versions. The FTM TECH mailing list started
      by FTM staff in 1995 has been active daily except for a few months during
      the move from California to Utah in 2003. It will have the main discussion
      about the new version. -- Elizabeth, user of FTM since 1990, the first DOS