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  • Donna Snyder
    Jul 20 2:13 PM
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      Hi to all on this list -

      I'd just like to put a plug in for Pioneer Acres,
      http://www.pioneeracres.ab.ca , and their up coming show
      Aug 5,6,7. AFHS will have an exhibit table so people can see what AFHS is
      all about but Bill Campbell needs volunteers to man it. 5,300 people
      attended over the 3 days last year.

      What genealogist isn't interested in pioneers? There are so many things
      going on and so much to see in these three days. A list of these things is
      at the sight above. The parade will feature transportation from early days
      to present - bleacher seating. There is enough to see to fill the day and it
      would be nice if there were enough volunteers so they could get a break to
      see these things. There is free transportation - wagons and golf carts - for
      those who can't do all that walking. You can be dropped off and picked up.
      Also from the parking lot to the grounds. The Trade Fair is in two
      buildings and there's everything from used books, garage sale stuff,
      antiques, to new crafty things. Concessions are there for food and coffee
      or you can go into Irricana to the Chinese restaurant or bring your own
      picnic lunch. If you're interested in fully restored old trucks, Ron Carey
      has his own building there with some of his collection - some of it used to
      be at Heritage Park.

      I've volunteered but being a member of Pioneer Acres also, have to share my
      time. I'd really encourage you to come out. The more the merrier!
      Donna Snyder