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4080FW: printing Paf

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  • Mabel
    Jun 15, 2005
      Hello Everyone:
      Is there someone who would be able to answer this query about PAF 5?  If you are replying directly to the query,  please copy me so that I know that the query was answered.
      Thanks for your help!
      Mabel Kiessling
      Queries Volunteer
      Alberta Family Histories Society

      From: Ken & Elsie Coburn [mailto:elsiebonne@...]
      Sent: 2005, June 13 21:40
      To: queries@...
      Subject: printing Paf

      Dear Sirs:
          I do not know if I have the right organization to help me with the following:
          I have 500 page of PAF 5 I want to print out in book form, I did it once but it took me weeks. I cannot print pages 1-3-5-7 and so forth and then turn these pages over in my printer and print on the other side 2-4-6-8- and so for. To print in Book form I must just print page 1 and to print page 2 on the reverse side I must go through the whole process again.
          Is there some way I can change this to print the one side only and then reverse the paper for the other pages. Mircro soft word will print that way but how can I get PAF to print that way.
          Hoping someone there can help me.
      Thank you    Ken Coburn in Enderby, B.C.