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  • Robert Boynton
    Jun 8, 2005
      Thanks to Ulrich and Peter for the Dutch translation work.
      Much appreciated by
      Robert Boynton
      in Calgary
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      From: Doc
      Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 11:37 AM
      Subject: Re: Adriaan van der pol

      At 10:45 AM 6/8/05, you wrote:
      Does anyone speak Dutch and can translate this? or know how I can get this translated?
      VI-a Koenraad Adriaan Zomer, geb. Haamstede 1876 ( Beurtschipper, Schippersknecht ) † Noordgouwe 10 jan. 1917 tr. Haamstede 01 juni 1901 Catarina van der Pol geb. Haamstede 1879 ( Dienstbode ) † Haamstede 11 febr. 1927 dr. van Adriaan van der Pol en Janna Bood.

      6a Koenraad Adriaan Zomer geboren (born) Haamstede 1876 (Beurtschipper(Local skipper),
      Schippersknecht(skippers helper) Died Noordgouwe 10 Jan. 1917
      Trouwt(married) Haamstede 1 June 1901 (to)
      Catarina van der Pol Geboren(born) Haamstede 1879 (Dienstbode(maid servant) died Haamstede 11 Feb 1927
      dochter(daughter) of Adriaan van der Pol and Janna Bood

      Rob, hope this will help

      Peter........in Lethbridge,Alberta,Canada.
      Genealogy .... chasing your own Tale !

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