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4060Utah Death Records

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  • Gordon Lane
    May 29, 2005
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      Beehive State Adds to Online Records
      Last month, Utah joined the handful of states that've put historical death
      data at genealogists' fingertips. The state archives' Utah History and
      Research Center has created an online index to hundreds of thousands of
      death certificates issued from 1904 (when statewide recordkeeping began) to
      1954. Utah death certificates aren't public until 50 years after they're
      Search the database at http://historyresearch.utah.gov/indexes/20842.htm by
      your ancestor's name. A form on the results page lets you contact the state
      archives to inquire about ordering copies. Staff will get back to you about
      the fee amount-50 cents per page, due in advance (see
      http://historyresearch.utah.gov/services/costs.htm for more on fees).

      Taken from Family Tree Magazine


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