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4047Apprentices of Great Britain

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  • Jo_an Utson
    May 18, 2005
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      This information appeared on another mail list I belong to; it may be of
      interest to some on this list.

      Joan Hudson.

      Apprentices of Great Britain 1710- 1744
      >Over 350,000 apprentice records from all over Great Britain (about 20% are
      >Scottish) are now available for searching exclusively on British Origins.
      >They are of exceptional value to the family history researcher, containing
      >the name of the apprentice, in most cases the name of the apprentices
      >or guardian (usually the father, though sometimes the mother, if the father
      >was dead), the place the apprentice came from, his fathers trade, the name
      >of the master to whom he was indentured, the masters trade, the place where
      >the master lived, and the value of the premium paid to the master for
      >on the apprentice.
      >To preview and see more information about this and other English genealogy
      >collections, please visit http://www.britishorigins.com/signup-info.aspx
      >select "more info" next to British Origins