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4045Focus Magic as mentioned at Saturday's Computer SIG

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  • Charlie Hansen
    May 16, 2005
      The photorestoration program that I mentioned at the early session
      was Focus Magic by Acclaim Software. It was recommended to me
      by my neighbour. He bought an earlier version and highly
      recommends it. He uses it to improve old black and white pictures
      as well as newer photos. He says it is better than Unsharp Mask (or
      Sharpen). I haven't done much photo touchup and never upgraded
      from Adobe PhotoDeluxe to PhotoSharp, so can't speak from
      personal experience. A free trial is available and at the time my
      neighbour bought his, it was for a limited number of photos, not for
      a time period. The price is the $45.00 US$ The URL is:


      The URL for information about the Kodak Plug-ins for PhotoShop