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4033Western boundary of Lower Canada

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  • Jo_an Utson
    May 1, 2005
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      Can anyone enlighten me on this?

      I always assumed the Lower Canada boundary was identical to what is now the
      Quebec/Ontario boundary, but my Hudson research makes me question that.

      In 1861 & 1871 the Hudson children in Lindsay, Victoria Co, Ontario, were
      listed as born in Lower Canada or Quebec. However, by the 1891 census some
      of the same children describe themselves as born in Ontario and in 1901 they
      all state they were born in Ontario.

      Since I am trying to determine exactly where they were born, if I knew a
      specific area of Lower Canada that later became Ontario instead of Quebec,
      that might help me narrow my search.

      Would appreciate your advice.

      Joan Hudson


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