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4027Release of CD IV

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  • Judie Riddell
    Apr 27, 2005
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      The Projects Committee is happy to announce the release of its first CD
      containing information from Queen's Park Cemetery, Calgary. AFHS Digital
      Library Volume IV: Queen's Park Cemetery Sections A-F is an interactive CD
      with Monumental Inscriptions, Burial Records and Photographs.

      The CD will be available at the May meeting for an introductory cost of
      $20.00. After this date the cost will be $25.00 plus shipping. Come and
      see us at the Projects Table!

      About this Project

      The first step in this enormous undertaking by the Project Committee of the
      AFHS was the transcribing of the burial records (1940-1977) from the
      published fiche. This was done with the help of numerous volunteers over
      the winter of 2002/2003. Starting in May 2003, Lynda Alderman organized
      over 40 volunteers who participated in numerous recording sessions at the
      cemetery that summer, recording the data from the markers and taking digital
      photographs of each marker.

      The following winter another group of volunteers entered this data into a
      database and the photographers cropped and renumbered each photo. Marlene
      Knott, Carol Lylyk and Judie Riddell combined these three sets of data
      (marker information, burial records and photos) and edited the contents of
      this collection. In total, thousands of volunteer hours have been willingly
      donated to make this data available.

      In early spring of 2004, QueenÂ’s Park Cemetery allowed Judie Riddell access
      to its burial books to verify our data and to include the burial records up
      to the present day. This new information was added and a final editing
      check was made. These six sections, A through F, are the result. There
      will be more sections to come. We also incorporated the Chevra Kadusha
      Burial Society of Calgary Records that pertain to Queen's Park.

      The final step was the creation of the CD by Gerald Riddell. This CD is
      readable on both PC's and Mac's

      The Committee and the numerous volunteers on this project are very proud of
      this Publication and are sure that many of you will want to have a copy.