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4024Re: Isteed Family - Wainwright 1913-1919

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  • Robert Boynton
    Apr 26, 2005
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      Sorry about the late reply.

      Did you try the Alberta legislative Library as they should have the
      newsapaper the Wainwright Star.

      Do you know what church they went to or what religion they practiced, as
      perhaps the birth is registered in church records.

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      Subject: Isteed Family - Wainwright 1913-1919

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      > Hi, You have all been such a help in tracing my family!! I've now reached
      > a
      > block. We are so fortunate to have death, marriage and birth records
      > available in B.C.
      > Carl E. Isteed homesteaded in Alberta. We have information through you and
      > the
      > family about Carl and his family who moved from Marmora, Ontario to
      > Alberta.
      > Carl took title in 1917. According to family information, my mother
      > Thelma
      > Isteed was born in Wainwright March 21, 1914. There are no papers to
      > prove
      > this. My grandmother Myrtle and Carl Isteed divorced and she remarried.
      > My
      > mother and siblings took on (they were not legally adopted) her new
      > married
      > name of Adam. We cannot find any marriage record or divorce record for
      > Myrtle
      > and Carl. My mother died in 1955 and my grandmother in 1972. We just
      > found a
      > death record for Carl Isteed, in Portland Oregon - 1951. Carl's sister
      > Nellie
      > Isteed married Walter Huntingford publisher of the Wainwright Star. His
      > son
      > came to visit us a couple of years ago. If I knew this was an approximate
      > date of my mother's birth, we could send for the records, however, is
      > there
      > any way to verify this information before sending for the record?
      > Thanks everyone!
      > Donna
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca
      > http://www.family-roots.ca


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