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  • The Gauthiers
    Apr 4, 2005
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      Each battalion was required to maintain one.
      They're online, and they're free!
      Frome the site:
      This database contains the digitised War Diaries of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) units. From the start of the First World War, CEF units were required to maintain a daily account of their “Actions in the Field.” This log was called a War Diary. The War Diaries are not personal diaries, rather they are a historical record of a unit’s administration, operations and activities during the First World War.
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      Hi All:

      I have been doing some browsing and can't seem to find any data on the movement of Battalions, etc. in WW1. Does anyone know of a site or a book or two which will allow me to track the travels of my Grandfather (William James BUTLER (39 - 2 mos) and two Uncles who served in France. He was a Sapper and the young men were 19 - 11 mos and 17- 8 mos.

      Their regiments were from Winnipeg:

      They all served in France.

      Willam James Butler - 8th Battalion
      1st P. B&T Unit

      Albert Butler -- 208rd Overseas Battalion C.E.F.
      18th Reserve Battalion
      Wounded 2 aug 1918 - lost L leg

      Charles Butler - 100th Battalion
      11th Reserve
      27th Battalion
      Charles also received a Good Conduct Badge

      Can War Service Badges be looked up?

      Thanks for this. I have all the Attestation papers and Discharge papers. rm

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