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  • Bill Mumford
    Apr 2, 2005
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      There are a number of ways to skinning this cat. <c> Considering the
      request is for a digital filing system that can link scanned documents
      I'd suggest Clooz. www.clooz.com This is an electronic filing system. A
      review of the program is available at www.mumford.ca/reportcard/. The
      program is based on Access, price is $39.95 US. It's designed
      specifically for document storage.



      Alan Cassley wrote:
      > Hi Gang
      > Can anyone help this gentleman?
      > Alan Cassley
      > Hello ...
      > I write to ask if you or others you know may be able to provide assistance
      > with the matters summarized below. If you or they do are not able to assist
      > me directly, can you or they suggest who I might contact for assistance with
      > this matter?
      > Also, you have my agreement to post this request for assistance on a
      > computerized "Bulletin Board" at ALBERTA FAMILY HISTORIES SOCIETY, if you
      > believe this might help me find the assistance I seek. If you do this,
      > please let me know it has been done AND advise how I can access that
      > Bulletin Board. Thank you.
      > Context:
      > I currently hold about 300 handwritten letters written between family
      > members over a 75 year period. I also have many other related historic
      > documents reaching back 200 years that I would like to digitize.
      > What I am looking for:
      > A) Someone to help me identify an off-the-shelf computer program that I
      > could readily use in the following ways?
      > B) ALTERNATIVELY, someone I could hire who would customize an existing
      > OFF-THE-SHELF PROGRAM so that I could then use it in the following ways:
      > What I expect to do and to accomplish:
      > 1) I wish to type each and every letter, and to associate some key 'fields'
      > with each letter, such as:
      > - date of the letter
      > - place where letter was written from
      > - written by NAME
      > - written to NAME
      > - key topic or theme of the letter
      > - perhaps two, three, four or five key words that would help users to
      > cluster certain files/letters
      > - room, of course, for the full body of the text
      > - perhaps also room for a scanned (unsearchable) image of the letter itself
      > - I would prefer to place each typed letter and its related tags into a
      > separate file, rather than entering them all into a single file (though I'm
      > open to understanding why this may not be essential or the best way to go).
      > However, I would like my computer to recognize that the entire collection IS
      > single/related collection for use as detailed below.
      > 2) Similarly, I would like to scan-in the many related historic documents,
      > one per file, and be able to attach information to each file such as:
      > - date
      > - origin of the document
      > - description of the document
      > - key interesting facts about the document
      > - the scanned image itself
      > - again, I would prefer to place each document in a separate file, as part
      > of a collection of searchable files.
      > 3) I would then like to be able to do searches on the entire collection of
      > letter-files and related document-files, AND be able to printout or
      > otherwise display the letters and documents that match my search criteria.
      > For example:
      > - list all letters that make reference to the individual John Doe or the
      > city of Philadelphia or the word "chocolate."
      > - then let me view and then print the documents I want
      > - let me imbed a particular file/letter/document OR a particular segment of
      > that file/letter/document into some other overview document that I prepare
      > which summarizes the highlights of the collection AND which allows me to
      > 'footnote' the source file or document which is imbedded in the overview
      > document.
      > Level of my own computer knowledge:
      > a) I use Microsoft Word, but do not believe this has the capabilities I
      > refer to.
      > b) I have not used Microsoft Access ... but would be willing to learn it
      > (and to pay someone to design how I could maximize the use of Access, if
      > that is necessary).
      > c) I use ACDSee, a database program, to file and manage a large number of
      > digitized photographs.
      > d) I use Family Tree Maker, a database program, to file and manage a massive
      > amount of data regarding family history and genealogy
      > e) I use a scanner extensively (HP5590)
      > I contacted the Glenbow Museum for help with this. They suggested only that
      > I type all documents into one single Word file. They did speak of a
      > $100,000 program that they use for managing some of their many documents,
      > but realize this would not be a reasonable purchase for an individual user
      > such as myself.
      > Thank you for you assistance with this matter.
      > Sam Aylesworth
      > Calgary, Alberta, Canada
      > email: saylesworth@... <mailto:saylesworth@...>
      > Phone: 403-286-9259

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