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39Re: photographing grave markers

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  • Douglas Stobbs
    Aug 4, 2002
      E.Rodier wrote:

      > Does anyone have any tips for photographing partially overgrown flat
      > all-black markers at Burnsland Cemetery? Moved some of the grass and damp

      When AFHS was recording Burnsland cemetery we used shaving cream.... with
      the blessing of the Cemetery Manager too I'll add.

      This worked fine and would for you I'm sure.

      The technique is to spray it on the letters and it will 'bubble up' and fill
      all the grooves etc.
      Then... have some cardboard handy (8.5 x 11" is great) and scrape the
      bulk of the cream away which will leave all the letters filled and clearly
      Do this just before a rain and there isn't even a clean-up problem.

      Good luck.


      {Douglas Stobbs, 2420 2nd Ave NW #308, Calgary AB Canada, T2N 0H4.

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