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3889FW: Keasts

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  • Gordon Lane
    Mar 11, 2005

      Gordon Lane
      Alberta Family Histories Society
      712-16th Ave NW,
      Calgary, AB, T2W 0J8


      From: DrLesKeylock@...
      Date: Fri Mar 11, 2005 9:50:29 AM Canada/Mountain
      To: cemetery@...
      Subject: Keasts

      I am working on the Keast lines in Alberta. My grandfather, Ernest Keast, lived in Dewberry. His cousins, Theodore, Jacob, and Robert Esben Keast, lived in the Stettler area.
      There will be a Keast Centennial Family Reunion in Vermilion on July 9. If you could announce that event at your next meeting and ask people to contact Keasts in the area, I would appreciate it. The event honors Ernest Keast's arrival in the area in 1905 (perhaps even earlier) and his marriage in Vermilion on February 7, 1907, to Etta Louise Ings from Orangeville, Ontario. We don't have a place yet, but people should feel free to e-mail me for further information at leskeylock@... .
      Dr. Leslie Robert Keylock
      Tampa FL