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378Re: BYU Molecular Genealogy Study

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  • Phyllis Ziajka
    Oct 3, 2002
      Gordon, perhaps I'm wrong, but what you've just said could be misleading.  I participated in this study in Lethbridge in May of this year, and at that time we DID have to submit the 4 generation chart.  Perhaps someone who really knows the answer should put a posting to the list!

      Gordon Lane wrote:
      I believe that the 4 generation pedegree chart does not apply to Canada,
      I seem to remember it being mentioned at the last committee meeting.

      I think Carol Lee mentioned it.


      Gordon Lane
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      Subject: BYU Molecular Genealogy Study

      There is still time to volunteer for the BYU DNA study in
      conjunction with
      the AFHS seminar. The research team will be at the LDS Chapel at 935
      Heritage Dr. S.W. on Friday, 25 October 2002, at 7:00 p.m. A
      presentation will precede the collection of mouthwash samples, and
      refreshments will be available. To sign up, you may contact
      Rene Dussome at
      <rdussome@...>. If you have already volunteered, please
      remember to mark
      the date on your calendar.

      Participants should bring a complete 4-generation pedigree
      chart on paper.
      If you wish to provide data on more than four generations,
      please bring a
      disk in GEDCOM format in addition to the chart.



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