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3767Everton Library - Logan City, Utah

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  • Alan Muise-Benner
    Jan 31, 2005
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      This was posted on Dick Eastman's online newsletter, and I have also contacted Holly and Jenni about posting it to Dist-Gen. Having received their permission tonight, I must advise that Jenni informed me the city council will be meeting Tuesday, Feb. 1, and any emails, and definitely postal mail, will possibly be missed by tomorrow's deadline - but it might not hurt to send it anyway. Jenni has advised she will keep me posted of any updates regarding this proposed project, in order that I might pass the information on.

      Hello Dick,

                As you know, Logan City received, through donation, the resources of the Everton Library
                (approximately 80,000 books, periodicals, etc). There IS a room available in the new City building
                and funds available in Logan Library's budget to prepare the room to house the collection and
                make it available to the public. However, there is some concern among city council members
                whether the public will really use the collection if it is made available. We need to thank them for
                acquiring this priceless genealogical research collection and making it available as soon as

                The council does not understand how genealogists will use this collection; they don't believe that
                anyone would come from out of state. So they are content to leave the bulk of it in storage. We need
                to let them know that genealogists plan their vacations around great research repositories such as
                this. I'm sure many of you are anxious and willing to participate in conferences being planned
                around this enormous collection.

                To let them know that you, as a genealogist, NEED this collection and would use it if it were
                available to the public, please send an email to jparrish@... or send a letter to Mayor
                Doug Thompson 255 North Main St., Logan, Utah 84321 before January 31, 2005.

                Thank you for taking time to let others know about this situation. Please pass the word.

                Best Regards,


                Holly T. Hansen
                My Ancestors