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3678RE: DOS, PAF and Windows XP

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  • Gordon Lane
    Jan 10, 2005
      In Windows XP there is the ability to select from Windows 95, Window 98/ME,
      NT4 or Windows 2000 to allow for older programs.

      Right click on the exe file go to properties, select compatibility and then
      the version of Windows you want it to be compatible with.


      Gordon Lane
      Alberta Family Histories Society
      712-16th Ave NW,
      Calgary, AB, T2W 0J8


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      >Subject: DOS, PAF and Windows XP
      >I am posting this to compsigtips as I don't know very much
      >about PAF, (and as many of you know, would recommend that she
      >buy a MAC instead of an new Windows computer).
      >Please reply only to that group or directly to Mary Leggett,
      >who wrote asking me:
      >> I have been using the Personal Ancestral File, release 2.2,
      >which is a
      >> DOS program. This has presented no problem as I use Microsoft 98
      >> which allows me access to DOS. I am hoping to upgrade to a new
      >> computer but that means Windows XP and no access to DOS.
      >What is the
      >> best thing I can do?
      >> Thank you for your attention,
      >> Mary Leggett
      >Mary Arthur
      >Director (Computer Sig)
      >Alberta Family Histories Society
      >Don't forget! 5 Feb general meeting is at 2pm!

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