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3677DOS, PAF and Windows XP

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  • AFHS Computer Sig Tips
    Jan 10, 2005
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      I am posting this to compsigtips as I don't know very much about PAF,
      (and as many of you know, would recommend that she buy a MAC instead of
      an new Windows computer).

      Please reply only to that group or directly to Mary Leggett, who wrote
      asking me:

      > I have been using the Personal Ancestral File, release 2.2, which is a
      > DOS program. This has presented no problem as I use Microsoft 98
      > which allows me access to DOS. I am hoping to upgrade to a new
      > computer but that means Windows XP and no access to DOS. What is the
      > best thing I can do?
      > Thank you for your attention,
      > Mary Leggett

      Mary Arthur
      Director (Computer Sig)
      Alberta Family Histories Society
      Don't forget! 5 Feb general meeting is at 2pm!

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