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  • E.Rodier
    Jan 9, 2005
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      the original sender so please stay on topic or ensure you delete
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      Any source is valuable if accurate for your family. Skills and willingness
      to share vary from one researcher to another. Haven't used One World Tree
      but some of the earlier World Family Trees had detailed notes with sources
      for one of my branches in New England. Unfortunately there were two or three
      generations of farmers with large families, same-name relatives and little
      documentation between the New England sources and the 1871 census.

      My first ancestor couple in Canada happened to show up on a FTM CD with 1827
      passenger list for New York but no one knows where in New York state the two
      older children were born.

      Start with free sources for the most recent generations and use online
      subscriptions as clues after the free information is well organized. Spent
      most of 2004 trying to identify descendants of early settlers from one
      county of Nova Scotia in the free online 1880 US and 1881 Canadian census
      index. That county has a regional mailing list and online transcriptions of
      births, marriages, deaths for some years.

      Ancestry and similar subscriptions are renewed automatically if not
      cancelled. They may seem expensive but so are one-day trips to local
      libraries with limited hours. Public library or Glenbow Archives downtown
      costs $4 for bus or parking fees, lunch and many coins for the copiers. --
      Elizabeth, FTM user since 1990

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      > This message came into "Queries". Perhaps the answers might be of
      > interest
      > to everyone. A list of Dist-Gen replies will be forwarded to the query.
      > Thanks for your help.
      > Mabel Kiessling
      > Queries Volunteer
      > queries@...
      > I have just recently purchased Family Tree Maker and as a bonus feature,
      > you
      > get a one year subscription to Ancestry.com but unfortunately, this does
      > not
      > give you full and total access to the information on their web site.
      > So my question is; What is the experience of members to subscribing to
      > other
      > sites on the Ancestry.com web page (specifically the OneWorldTree and the
      > Millennium sites).
      > Is it worthwhile, do either of these sites provide new and genuine
      > information or am I better off doing my own research and follow up.
      > It seems that Ancestry.com and other similar sites just re-cycle material
      > that is already around from other free sources or sources like departments
      > of vital statistics that would provide (albeit for a fee) the same info.


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