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3670FW: OneWorldTree

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  • Mabel
    Jan 9, 2005
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      Hello Everyone:


      This message came into “Queries”.  Perhaps the answers might be of interest to everyone.  A list of Dist-Gen replies will be forwarded to the query.  Thanks for your help.


      Mabel Kiessling

      Queries Volunteer




      I have just recently purchased Family Tree Maker and as a bonus feature, you get a one year subscription to Ancestry.com but unfortunately, this does not give you full and total access to the information on their web site.


      So my question is; What is the experience of members to subscribing to other sites on the Ancestry.com web page (specifically the OneWorldTree and the Millennium sites).


      Is it worthwhile, do either of these sites provide new and genuine information or am I better off doing my own research and follow up.


      It seems that Ancestry.com and other similar sites just re-cycle material that is already around from other free sources or sources like departments of vital statistics that would provide (albeit for a fee) the same info.