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354Re: Member Services E-Mail for Technical Support (KMM1403412V10983L0KM)

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  • Gord Hulbert
    Oct 2, 2002
      Thank you very much for the reply and the instructions as to how to stop
      email from being forwarded from Cadvision. I want to be clear in one point,
      I wasn't accusing Telus of selling subscribers lists.

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "TELUS Internet Services Support" <helpdesk@...>
      To: "Gordon Hulbert" <gordon@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, October 01, 2002 10:21 PM
      Subject: Re: Member Services E-Mail for Technical Support

      > Hello,
      > Thank you for writing. In regard to your inquiry, TELUS does not filter
      unwanted mail to individual customers, nor do we sell our subscriber lists.
      Please refer to our privacy policy at:
      > http://www.telus.com/privacy/privacy.html
      > If you wish to, you can stop the forwarding of emails from your Cadvision
      address to your TELUS address. Here are the steps to do so:
      > Go to www.cadvision.com <http://www.cadvision.com/>.
      > Select the 'Toolkits' tab and then "Email Mailbox Toolkit".
      > Enter your Cadvision userid and password, and login
      > Click on the Remove Redirect button to stop the forwarding.
      > Please repeat this for each of your Cadvision userid's.
      > We have included further information below on how spammers work, and how
      to deal with spam:
      > When someone is sending out spam, they usually have some sort of program
      that will generate a mailing list combining letters and
      > numbers. They will then use this same list with a variety of different
      Internet Service Providers (ISP). For instance, the list may start out
      > with a@... ; aa@... ; a1@... and so on. The spammer will
      then name this list anything that they want. It will appear that the message
      is not addressed to you because the "To" field is showing the list name
      instead of the individual userIDs. This method is much the same as when you
      would send a blind carbon copy (bcc) to someone - the name of the person
      copied to will not appear anywhere on the sent message. The TELUS mail
      servers cannot deliver mail to you unless your email address is specified by
      the sender.
      > These lists produce thousands of possible combinations. Normally the
      person that is sending the spam will use a false "reply to" address, so
      > that they do not receive the bounce backs from invalid email addresses.
      Typically, these emails have an unsubscribe option - if the company is
      > legitimate, this should go through and remove you from their mailing list.
      If not, you will get a Postmaster response advising of an invalid email
      address. Sometimes unsubscribing will put your address on other lists as
      > Here are some web pages that may provide more information regarding the
      fight against Spam (unsolicited e-mail):
      > Fight Spam on the Internet -
      > http://spam.abuse.net/
      > How To Report Spam -
      > http://spam.abuse.net/userhelp/#report
      > How To Track A Spammer -
      > http://www.computerbits.com/archive/1998/0400/spam_tracking.html
      > How to read headers -
      > http://www.stopspam.org/email/headers/headers.html
      > When we are listed on Spamcop and other sites, it is usually due to some
      of our customers that also send spam. This, unfortunately, causes our
      legitimate customers to suffer. We do have an Abuse team that monitors for
      this type of misuse and deals with the spammers according to our Acceptable
      Use Policy: http://www.telus.net/aup.html.
      > We hope this information has been helpful and if you require additional
      information please visit our help site at http://help.telus.net Or, if you
      require more detailed assistance, please contact the Technical Support Help
      Desk at 310-8324.
      > Thank you for choosing TELUS as your Internet service provider.
      > TELUS Internet Services
      > Technical Support Help Desk
      > Alberta: 310-8324 (toll free)
      > British Columbia: 1-877-310-8324 Option #1
      > Email: helpdesk@...
      > Home Page: http://www.telus.net
      > "24 hours 365 days for you"
      > *Please include the original email in any replies.
      > Original Message Follows:
      > ------------------------
      > Customer Name: Gordon Hulbert
      > Username/UserID: hulbertg
      > E-Mail: Gordon@...
      > Location: Calgary, Alberta
      > Telephone: 403-240-4636
      > Best Time to Contact: No Preference
      > IP Address:
      > Date/Time: Tuesday, October 1, 2002 10:02 am
      > Question/Message:
      > I have NO solid proof, but I'd swear that Cadvision sold their customer
      > list after Telus took over. Ever since I switched to Telus, I have been
      > flooded with spam, all directed to hulbertg@.... I'm going to
      > try to block hulbertg@.... However, much spam goes to some
      > unknown account at cadvision, which ends up in my mail box.
      > HELP!!
      > __________________________________________________
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      > http://www.doteasy.com

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