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3532Queens Park Section P and PC

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  • Judie Riddell
    Dec 4, 2004
      The projects committee would like you all to know that Sections P and PC of Queen's Park Cemetery are the military sections of this cemetery.  The burials started in 1970 when the military sections of Burnsland Cemetery became full.  There were 5005 entries in the database I sent Gordon.
      I would like to thank all who worked on these sections especially Marlene Knott who will forever remember the summer of 2004 as her "Military Summer".  She was responsible for the Proofreading.  Heather Williams added in all the EXTRA burial records (and they were numerous) and reshot some photos and kept us up to date with new markers.  Spencer Field (with Bob Riddell's help) helped us dig out these flat markers which were in great need of clearing.  Many other people transcribed, photographed and entered data.  Thank you again.  I would think that in excess of 1000 volunteer hours went into completion of these two sections.
      On Monday we will be presenting the AFHS Library with a copy of a CD of the complete records along with the corresponding photos.  This is at least two months before the CD will be ready for sale.
      Thanks Gordon for getting these records online so quickly.
      Judie Riddell
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      Queens Park Section P and PC has now been put online and can be searched via

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