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353Re: Calling All Past Cadvision User

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  • Charlie Hansen
    Oct 1, 2002
      ,On 1 Oct 2002 at 15:34, Gord Hulbert wrote:

      > I don't know if I'm the only one that has been bothered by SPAM lately, but
      > since I left Cadvision and signed up with Telus, I've been swampped. I
      > have NO proof, but I'm highly suspicious that somehow Cadvision's customer
      > list got out into the public domain. I have been paying particular
      > attention today to incoming SPAM, and all are addressed to my OLD Cadvision
      > account.
      > I have contacted Telus and am waiting for a call back. I'm going to ask
      > that they stop forwarding any Cadvision email to my Telus account.
      > Comments?

      Gord and All,

      I have also been getting a lot more SPAM recently. However, since June
      2001 I have been logging the occurrences of those SPAMs whose TO or CC
      addresses appeared to be taken from a portion of Cadvision's subscriber
      list. Much of the SPAM that I receive does not appear to have any of my
      e-mail addresses in the headers, so the spammers must be hiding their
      recipients list.

      When I migrated from Cadvision to Telus, the first day afterwards I got
      SPAM at my new Telus e-mail address before I had given it out to anyone.
      I got tired of waiting on hold at the Telus voice mail and forwarding
      system so I phoned:

      Telus Customer Relations Manager, phone 310-1000.
      E-mail: customer.relations@...
      (See page 12 of new white pages directory.)

      The representative that I spoke with said that my assigned e-mail address
      had probably been previously used by an earlier Telus subscriber. However,
      it appears that Telus have an e-mail directory much like their telephone
      directory. He asked if I wanted my e-mail address unlisted and of course I
      said "yes".

      There is an interesting article at ZDNet News headlined:
      "Spam hits 36 percent of e-mail traffic" Look at:


      Most of the SPAM e-mail that I receive uses HTML, while almost all of the
      mail that I need to read uses plain text. After I filter incoming e-mails
      for expected sources such as RootsWeb mailing lists and move them to
      various folders, I filter for:"Content-Type: text/html" in the headers and
      send that e-mail to my "For-Delete" folder. I also filter for key
      objectionable words in the text. Any remaining e-mails remain in my
      New-Mail folder. However not all mail servers allow for this level of
      filtering. I know that Outlook Express 5 and Netscape 4.75 do not. I
      haven't checked the later versions for filtering capabilities, so may some
      users can let us know. I use Pegasus for its comprehensive filtering
      ability. My filter system sends almost 100% of SPAM to my "For-Delete"
      folder. (I could have it automatically deleted but I like to check to see
      that a wanted e-mail is not caught.)

      For filtering on your ISP before you download your e-mail there is a
      program called MailWasher:


      For some more information about HTML in e-mail, have a look at the

      Why HTML in E-Mail is a Bad Idea




      I don't think we will ever win the fight against SPAM, but periodically
      changing your e-mail address and blocking your old one should help for a
      while. I hope this rather long message helps you in your battle against


      Charlie Hansen

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