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3467Bill S-18

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  • The Kashubas
    Nov 19 1:01 PM
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      To All,
      I just spoke to the office of my MP Ted Menzies. The women there said it is
      best to deal directly with the Senator in question. For other matters
      emails get forwarded on to the critic of the particular problem.

      She said she would make Ted aware of my concern about Lynch-Staunton and see
      if he can bring the matter up in caucus when the Senator is present.

      If he gets bombarded with emails, letters and calls and other conservative
      MPs do as well, he will have to defend his position.

      She also stated the Party had not made a decision in support or denial of
      Bill-S18. Apparently there are still some concerns????? Seems to be some
      confusion here about what is being reported. She could be wrong.

      So, it would be a good idea to inundate John Lynch-Staunton's office about
      our concerns.

      Kathy Kashuba


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