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  • Lynn Taylor
    Oct 25, 2004
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           From previous messages posted on this DistList
      you will be aware of the response generated by the
      offer of a Photoshop & Scanning Workshop.  You
      may also have noted that the most requested date has
      been for Nov 27th afternoon session.
          Since many from our FTM SIGlet were requesting
      this workshop, I contacted Andy Jaremko and he has
      agreed to hold a session on Nov 27th 9:30-12:30 for
      Family Tree Maker Users.  This will replace our normal
      Nov 27th FTM SIGlet meeting.
      This Nov 27th morning session is being offered to FTM
      SIG members until the Nov 1st Monthly Meeting, or until
      the limited (12) spots are taken.  Please use the link below
      to let Heather know if you would like this session.
      Opening up this time slot will allow more members the
      opportunity to take advantage of this workshop - and in
      turn this means an increase in the donation to AFHS. 
      Hopefully this decision will be considered "win-win".
      Questions (or comments):
      Use this link to contact Lynn Taylor     LTaylor4@...
      To request registration:
      Use this link to contact Heather Jaremko    Hjaremko@...
      $25 cheque payable to "Supervideo Systems" can be mailed to:
      Heather Jaremko      945 Erin Woods Drive, SE    Calgary, AB  T2B-2X1
      Or you will be able to pay at the Monthly Meeting - Nov 1st   
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