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3280Re: Family Tree Maker Direct Descent charts

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  • E.Rodier
    Oct 19 3:12 PM
      Please remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list and
      the original sender so please stay on topic or ensure you delete
      the list Address

      I've sent an enhancement suggestion to staff for a direct line *report*
      option but there is no quick method in FTM 2005. Another variation is that
      some researchers want to follow the main surname only for a book of
      descendants and leave out the descendants of daughters who married into
      other surname groups.

      If you want a direct line report with notes in any genealogy program, it may
      be necessary to copy the wanted names to a new (temporary) database. You can
      use the Outline or Box chart to start a new file in FTM, other programs use
      a focus group. Use the father of spouse and mother of spouse from an Outline
      as a guide if you want them included in the genealogy report with notes.

      The whole FTM file will often have details not automatically copied to the
      new database. In one of the other genealogy programs, there is a problem
      with a misleading sentence that cannot be changed. Instead of a large
      family, every couple in the focus group has "one" child.

      RootsMagic 2 which I purchased Oct 16 has better kinship calculations and
      faster reports than Legacy 5 Deluxe if you need a lot of names in a single
      file. There may be GEDCOM transfer issues for files with conflicting
      dates/locations for the same events and the way comments (or descriptions)
      are entered in non-FTM programs. Branch FTM 2005 files are my choice for
      group sheets with pictures, wall charts, books with chapters and a single
      index, scrapbooks, Outlines and file sharing.

      FTM has a limit of 4 million "attaches." Intermarriages drastically cut down
      on the number of individuals that can fit in a single file. If a FTM file is
      damaged, copy/export individuals to a new file may not work. A last resort
      is a GEDCOM export and GEDCOM in FTM 2005 has changed the way notes are
      broken in the middle of words like PAF. Legacy 5 Sept 5 build or earlier
      does not import FTM 2005 GEDCOMs with the correct note spacing but there is
      a custom option.

      Often the daughters who were caregivers inherited family stuff for very
      remote surnames! Marlene Knott is married to my 4th cousin and found our
      common ancestors' names. An Ottawa professor collecting family data since
      1967 or earlier missed finding our common ancestors' names that were on an
      1875 second marriage registration at the Archives a few blocks from his
      home. Family book-in-progress was planned with a chapter for each child
      starting with a FTM photo group sheet. It was on display at the FTM table
      Oct 16 and is in one of the FTM binders from the AFHS library.

      Best method to copy from one file to another is FTM 2005 with two copies
      open and using the new Pedigree View. This method was covered in an e-mail
      posted to FTM TECH mailing list which requires registration and also copied
      to the smaller RootsWeb mailing list about FTM. -- Elizabeth

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Xenia Stanford"
      > Is there an easier way to print out just the direct line in a full report?
      > Second problem is still file size.
      > So how do I correct the corruption in my main file so I can avoid the copy
      > and paste method of updating each spun off file or better yet reimport
      > each
      > client's data back into the main file?


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